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Quote #9

“Instead if assuming we know everything we need to be asking for more information.”


Quote #8

In faith:
When we plan for more, we allow God to move!

In fear:
When we plan for few, we limit God in our midst!

Note: This quote is in regards to a church planning ministry, community events or “God’s work through us”. I’ve been part of a small church that plans for few attendees out of fear. And I’ve been part of a smaller church that plans for many out of faith that we are doing God’s will.

Quote #7

“Don’t distort your God-given desires.”

Quote #6

“One person’s rights always infringes on another person’s rights.”

Quote #5

“God made us in His image! Please stop trying to limit God by making Him in your image.”

Quote #4

“My writing ain’t a talent, it’s a hobby.”

Quote #3

“Have you ever asked a guy if he’s just seen a ghost, only to realize that he is the ghost?”