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Trees by the River

Heaven in like…

Early in spring the Gardener plants a tree by the river. He promises the tree growth. The tree drinks the water from the stream, eats the nutrients in the soil, absorbs the rays from the sun and breathes in the air.

Later in the season the Gardner plants more trees. Throughout the summer more are planted by the same river.

At the end of the year the Gardner examines the trees, from the most recent to the first.

They all grew to be the same height with the same amount of foliage. The first tree asks the Gardener, “Shouldn’t I have grown more than the ones you planted last month?”

The Gardner responds, “Friend, you grow into a beautiful tree. What is it to you how tall I allowed the others to grow? Can’t I do with that which is mine as i choose?”

This is from a sermon illustration I used for my sermon based on Matthew 20:1-16.


The Ark

Days went by without a word,
Uttered into the darkness
And yet not a sound was heard.

Two by two they weren’t too few,
Climbing up into stillness
Were they settled into their pew.

Seven days before the tempest came,
Forty more, so merciless;
One full year for the eight to reclaim.

Earth renewed by the deluge wet.
Land, air, ever fearless;
Fire on stone, a promise we get.

Elements of Promise

Dust before, water beyond,
Land ahead, fire behind,
Air around, blood redeemed,
Heaven’s wealth will indwell.

Man was formed, in sin he fell,
Promise made, sacrifice obliged.
Divine King come, to save not lead.
Heaven’s praise is now here.

Christ was sent to save us from sin,
Promise He kept, Sacrifice He became.
His Kingdom eternal, death He conquered.
Heaven’s love now indwells.