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Meaning of Life!?

If I told you there is an answer,
Would you want to hear it?
If I told you Who has the answer,
Would you want to ask Him?

If I told you it requires a reply,
Would you want to voice it?
If I told you that you must reply,
Would you want to seek Him?

If I told you where to find it,
Would you want to read it?
If I told you you’ve heard it before,
Would you want to knock on His door?

And allow Him into your life?

So that you can live your life to the fullest?


The Lamb of God

The promised son carrying the wood,
Led up the hill by father in grief.
“Where is the lamb?” asks the child.
“God will provide!” replies the man.

The Anointed One carrying His cross,
Mocked by those He came to save.
“Here is the Lamb!” God reveals.
“I have provided, sinner now come.”

The Lion of Judah risen from the grave,
Leads the children to Kingdom bliss.
“Behold the Lamb who was slain!
Now He stands in Life and Light!”

The Ark

Days went by without a word,
Uttered into the darkness
And yet not a sound was heard.

Two by two they weren’t too few,
Climbing up into stillness
Were they settled into their pew.

Seven days before the tempest came,
Forty more, so merciless;
One full year for the eight to reclaim.

Earth renewed by the deluge wet.
Land, air, ever fearless;
Fire on stone, a promise we get.

Round the World

‘Round, ‘round my world spins.
‘Round me, I’m centre stage.
What I see, what I feel,
What I smell and hear as well.

Hither, tither my life flows.
Hither me, Christ’s centre stage.
What I know, what I love,
What I dream and wish as well.

The first stanza speaks about the physical world. We can only interact with what is directly around us: objects, information, etc. The second stanza is about our spiritual world. Our lives, as Christians, should be rooted in Christ Jesus and everything we hold dear (even our material possessions) should be to His honour and glory.

Unfinished Words

How can a man truly know others
if he doesn’t truly know himself?

How can a person understand the world
if his mind is clouded with fear and doubt?

How can a human live a life worthy of breath
if he knows not the future that is to come?

God Has a Plan

When time began
God had a plan;
His Son He would give
To those who now live.

They rejected He
Who made others see,
The Truth He would give
To those who want to Live.

When time will end
God’s plan then fulfilled.
Eternal Life He now gives
To His sons, who will truly Live.

[Last three lines of stanza three have been edited on July 26, 2015. The original just didn’t sound right to me. It took a few days of reading and re-reading this poem before I found the right words to place there. God bless and enjoy.]

One Man

How can one man know his destiny?
How can one creature know the truth?
How can one life be so important to God
Yet feel so empty of purpose?

How can one Man make a difference?
How can one Being know our needs?
How can one Life be sacrificed to God
For all with a single purpose?