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The Lamb of God

The promised son carrying the wood,
Led up the hill by father in grief.
“Where is the lamb?” asks the child.
“God will provide!” replies the man.

The Anointed One carrying His cross,
Mocked by those He came to save.
“Here is the Lamb!” God reveals.
“I have provided, sinner now come.”

The Lion of Judah risen from the grave,
Leads the children to Kingdom bliss.
“Behold the Lamb who was slain!
Now He stands in Life and Light!”


There is a God

There is a God who loves the world,
But our sin is a stumbling block
From full communion
With our Lord Jesus Christ,
The Lamb of God.

There is a Spirit full of promise,
Our prayers to God He brings
For fuller communion
With our Lord Jesus Christ,
The Lion of Judah.

There is a Redeemer who has come,
Our debts He paid with His blood
To fulfill communion
With Him, our Lord Jesus Christ,
The Creator of All.