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Reformative Solas

The Scripture alone
Is the mightiest sword.

Our Faith alone
We make Him our Lord.

By Grace alone
He calls us His own.

In Christ alone
Salvation is now shown.

To God alone be all the glory,
All the honour and all the praise.

Inspired by the five solas of the Reformation: Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, Sola Gratia, Sola Christus and Sola Deo Gloria.


Quote #8

In faith:
When we plan for more, we allow God to move!

In fear:
When we plan for few, we limit God in our midst!

Note: This quote is in regards to a church planning ministry, community events or “God’s work through us”. I’ve been part of a small church that plans for few attendees out of fear. And I’ve been part of a smaller church that plans for many out of faith that we are doing God’s will.

Trees by the River

Heaven in like…

Early in spring the Gardener plants a tree by the river. He promises the tree growth. The tree drinks the water from the stream, eats the nutrients in the soil, absorbs the rays from the sun and breathes in the air.

Later in the season the Gardner plants more trees. Throughout the summer more are planted by the same river.

At the end of the year the Gardner examines the trees, from the most recent to the first.

They all grew to be the same height with the same amount of foliage. The first tree asks the Gardener, “Shouldn’t I have grown more than the ones you planted last month?”

The Gardner responds, “Friend, you grow into a beautiful tree. What is it to you how tall I allowed the others to grow? Can’t I do with that which is mine as i choose?”

This is from a sermon illustration I used for my sermon based on Matthew 20:1-16.

Jesus Said, “I AM”

Jesus said,
“I AM the bread of life.” Come to Me if you are hungry, I will give you manna from heaven.
“I AM the light of the world.” Come to Me if you are in darkness, I will show you eternal life.
“I AM the door of the sheep.” Come to Me if you are lost, I will give you a family of true bliss.
“I AM the good shepherd.” Come to Me if you are weary, I will give you rest and guard against your foes.
“I AM the resurrection and the life.” Come to Me if you are dead, I will set your spirit alight with the Holy Spirit.
“I AM the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
“I AM the vine and you are the branches.” Be rooted in Me and I will bestow unto you the fruit of My labour.

These are partially my paraphrase of Jesus Christ’s message in the Gospel of John.

God Has a Plan

When time began
God had a plan;
His Son He would give
To those who now live.

They rejected He
Who made others see,
The Truth He would give
To those who want to Live.

When time will end
God’s plan then fulfilled.
Eternal Life He now gives
To His sons, who will truly Live.

[Last three lines of stanza three have been edited on July 26, 2015. The original just didn’t sound right to me. It took a few days of reading and re-reading this poem before I found the right words to place there. God bless and enjoy.]

The Tempter and the Christian

Once he sees the truth with his mind the Tempter readies for the attack.
“Ah! All I need to do is attack him enough to halt his faith from sprouting.”

Once he believes with his heart the Tempter offers his deceit as truth.
“Ah! All I need to do is offer it; he will accept and stumble on his own.”

Once he confesses with his mouth the Tempter will plant doubts.
“Ah! He will see God is keeping something from him and turn back.”

Once he acts in accordance to God’s Word, and fully trusts in the Lord, he can overcome anything and everything that the Tempter has to offer.

Many battles will be lost, but the war is already won through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Stay strong in the Lord and the Tempter will flee.

Salvation is not a matter of what we have done or can do for God.
It is all about what Christ has done for us on the Cross and through His Resurrection.

[I’m not entirely sure which category to place this in. It’s not exactly a poem, and not really a parable. It’s more like the latter, thus under ‘parables’ it goes.]

We the Forest

Trees growing by rivers of past mistakes.
Their roots not deep and winds too strong.
Here Chaos reigns, unleashing acidic pains.

The Forester now has come to our aid.
Rooted in Him, His strength our faith.
Now new life reigns, bestowing eternal gains.