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When God convicts people of sin, through the Holy Spirit, there are two Paths they can take:

The first is the Wide Path, which most tread. It is by far the easiest one to follow. Here one does as he or she pleases. Pleasures of the flesh parasitically take hold of the soul. It is easy to go down this Path, but extremely difficult to evade. Leave the Religion behind and embrace the Sin – the Path of this world.

The second is the Narrow Path only the humble dare to take. It is most difficult of the two. Here one does as his or her morals dictate, in regards to God’s Word and Love. Ultimate Truth, not pleasures, frees the mind and spirit of guilt. It is hard to follow this Path, but rewarding when accomplished. Leave the Sin behind and embrace the Religion – the Path of Jesus Christ.

Which Path will you take? Will you allow the pleasures of the flesh to dictate your life? Or will you allow God to keep you from straying out of control? Which path will you choose? The way that leads to times of guilt you want to forget? Or the way the gives you true happiness now and forever?

When the Holy Spirit convicts you of Sin please take the Narrow Path to Righteousness. It is a war for the mind and spirit; here the battlefield is your life. In the end only you can choose. God will always be waiting for you with open arms, but the world waits with open jaws.



Our reliance on things of this world – whether it be money, material goods, religion, philosophies, desires of the heart and mind, or false friends – is like a man and woman married for the wrong reasons.

The individual is never fully satisfied with the direction life is taking him. He wants to be faithful to the here-and-now, all the while searching for true enjoyment in life. The things of this world care not for the individual nor can they care even if they could will so.

Their desires are solely to maintain a constancy in what they are. The unfaithful spouse is like one of them; whose only drive in life is to be what he or she had always been, and not change for the sake of the relationship.

A person’s desires in life change as time goes on, but the things of this world do not change in themselves. A marriage for the right reasons always leaves room for change, to better the relationship between both parties. The man and woman do not change for the sake of each other or of self, but for the sole purpose of bettering the relationship, thus two become one in mind and spirit.

Between the Flames and the Ice

On the wall I sit…One side forest of flames, the other a river of ice. Jump into the sun or dive into hell. Death waits with open arms for those who fall.

On the wall I stand…Sol’s flames to the left, Death’s icy breath to the right. Behold the sight before me, amongst the fog of deceit a path between distractions.

On the wall I walk…A fork in the path, a promise in sight: a light above and hell below. “Come, my child,” I hear. “The other way,” I doubt.

On the wall I was…With death behind, new life within. The flames and ice subdued. Eternity for all who follow the calling of Him who died and rose.

On the wall you sit…On the wall you stand…Walk now, hear the voice, leave the pain. Eternity awaits for those who seek His truth and obey.