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Coming Back, Soon

Dear Readings,

I apologize for not posting in almost 1.5 years. While I have been doing some writing, it hasn’t been enough. I will be looking through my most recent poems and short essays, as well as posts from my other blogs (which I plan to delete in the near future) and share them with you.

I also plan to self-publish a collection of my writings from this site within a year or two. I will keep you updated once that process begins.

Thank you all for reading and following Writings of Seb.



Concerning Seb’s Writing

I thought I’d writing to all my dear readers. As you have noticed it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything here on a regular or semi-regular basis. Before I go into the reasons I’d like to say one thing. Thank you all for following this blog and my other blogs. It’s always encouraging to the number of visits and to read your comments.

So, what’s the reason for the irregularity in my writing? First, my personal collection ran dry years ago. And second, it’s not always easy for new ideas for poems, short essays or other writings to surface. They definitely don’t come whenever I want to write something new. When ideas come, I post. A few take mere minutes to jot down while others take weeks or even months to prefect enough to post.

Anyway, one of my goals with Seb’s Writings is to publish a book of my stuff. Once that happens you will find out on this blog site and on the Facebook page.

What needs to be done next before publishing? There are actually several things that I require: some form of illustrations (e.g.: paintings, drawings or photos), proof-readers, and formatting. This year I’ll look into these and keep you all updated.

Happy Reading and Happy Writing,


Poet’s Note: Grad Weekend

After five long years I’m finally graduating from Bible college. This Saturday is my big day and I get to spend it with family and friends from all across the country.
Along with grad I’m also moving to another province. With that said I’ll be out for another week or two while I get settled in my new place and new job.
I’ve started a poem last month, which I tend to post sometime in the near future. The only problem is I’ll need to find it first. 

Thanks for reading and following my blogs. God bless you!

Poet’s Note

Dear readers and friends,

Many of you may have realized, I haven’t been keeping up with my weekly posts here on “Writings of Seb”. It may not be regular (weekly that is) any more. I am a full-time student, with a full-time job and other responsibilities that take up most of my time these days. Four to six weeks I will be done with college for the semester and mid-January I will be picking up with classes again. Spring 2016 term is my last term, after which I can focus on my writings once again.

More poems and short essays are to come. For more updates please Like “Writings of Seb” on Facebook. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more.

Seb, the Poet

Revision of Blog

Good day folks,

It’s been many-a-months since I last posted a blog, in which I stated I would restart blogging. Lo and behold, I didn’t write anything since, at least not here.

As you can tell I’ve removed all my previous entries from public view. This was done so “Writings of Seb” can become a blog just for my poems and short essays.

I’ve started two other blogs which are kept up regularly. Check out my novel “The Traveler’s Paradox” at and my student life & Bible study at

Along with that you will find several formatting changes to this site in the near future. Be sure to check out my other blogs. Enjoy and God bless.


P.S.: The poems I’ve posted in the past will eventually be re-posted here.