About the Poet

UPDATED: MAY 11, 2019

In his grade school years Seb had written several (mostly lost) poems. Thanks to his high school English teacher he became more interested in literature and began to write more poems (some of which can be found on this blog site). In college Seb’s literature professor encouraged him to never give up writing, reading and studying; with the hopes of one day publishing his collection of poems and short essays.

Seb grew up in southern Manitoba to an immigrant family from the Mennonites colonies in Paraguay. Winnipeg, Niverville, Carman, and Winkler are the places he spent his childhood and teen years. After high school Seb attended Bible college north of Saskatoon for one and a half years. After which he moved to Saskatoon for a while.

After several years he moved to Cochrane, Alberta to attend Bible college. After graduating with his Bachelor of Christian Ministry, Seb returned to Saskatoon.

For now he has no desire to continue on with academics.

Be sure to follow Seb’s other blog, In God’s Holy Word.

Enjoy reading and God bless!


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