Merry Christmas, 2015!

Dear friends and readers,

I’d like to thank you all for following my blog. I look forward to another year of great writing, not only from this blogs but also from yours. Today is Christmas Eve! Tomorrow is Christmas! What does this mean to me as a Christian? Is it Jesus’ birthday? His blessed and miraculous advent? I’ve read many Christians and non-Christians using their misinterpretation of historical event in their way to attempt to discredit the idea of celebrating Christmas.

Whether pagans had their own holiday around the winter solstice is totally irrelevant. You could pick any day of the year and claim the exact same thing. December 25th is a day that was chosen and let’s leave it at that.

I’d like to say, “It does not matter what day of the year or season Jesus was actually born in.” What matters is we remember. Not only are we to remember the fact that He came, but also the reason for His coming and His immanent return.

Let’s focus on this and this only. Jesus Christ, God in the flesh, came down as an infant to live, be tempted like any other man. He died for the sins of the world and raised to life so that all who truly believe will have eternal life with Him. The best Christmas tradition we can partake in this holiday season is the reading of Christ’s birth.

Will you join me this week to focus not on Christmas but on the true meaning of Jesus Christ’s first coming and all that it entails?


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