My Christmas List

What have you asked for Christmas?
Is it big? Is it small?
Expensive or cheap?

What is Santa bringing this Christmas?
Have you been good or bad?
Selfish or selfless?

What should we ask for Christmas?
Will it be peace on earth?
Goodwill to men?

What was given on that first Christmas?
Jesus as a new born baby!
The Saviour for all mankind!

The greatest gift of all was this:
Jesus the Christ child!
The perfect Lamb of God!

This is the true meaning of Christmas:
Christ humbled Himself,
Came to earth to die.

“It is finished!” He cried.
The grave could not hold Him,
Death lost it grip.

Our Lord and Saviour arose,
Arose, from death to life.
To bring us eternal life.

What will you ask for Christmas?
Is God’s love too much?
Is it to little?

This year I will ask for peace,
Not on earth but in hearts,
In my heart and in yours.


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