The Tempter and the Christian

Once he sees the truth with his mind the Tempter readies for the attack.
“Ah! All I need to do is attack him enough to halt his faith from sprouting.”

Once he believes with his heart the Tempter offers his deceit as truth.
“Ah! All I need to do is offer it; he will accept and stumble on his own.”

Once he confesses with his mouth the Tempter will plant doubts.
“Ah! He will see God is keeping something from him and turn back.”

Once he acts in accordance to God’s Word, and fully trusts in the Lord, he can overcome anything and everything that the Tempter has to offer.

Many battles will be lost, but the war is already won through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Stay strong in the Lord and the Tempter will flee.

Salvation is not a matter of what we have done or can do for God.
It is all about what Christ has done for us on the Cross and through His Resurrection.

[I’m not entirely sure which category to place this in. It’s not exactly a poem, and not really a parable. It’s more like the latter, thus under ‘parables’ it goes.]


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