Life, it is a gift,
It is a curse.

It is meant to love,
But causes pain.
It is created,
And is taken away.

It is exalted,
Yet is condemned.
It forms friendships,
And gains enemies.

It gives hope,
But inserts fear.
It trusts others,
Yet is suspicious.

It begins in birth,
And ends with death.
Is there anything beyond?
Can it be known?

What is its purpose?
What does it mean?
Can it be explained?
Can it be understood?

What is this life?
It is a mystery
For all mankind.
What is life to you?

It is memories
Soon forgotten.
A Holy blessing
Blown away.

It is a dream
Coming to an end.
An existence
That is…but a breath.

This poem was written back in late 2003 or early 2004, when I was experiencing my one of my first extremely dark episodes in life. Thanks be to God who helped me through this one and the darker one that came several years later. Only by the power of the Holy Spirit and the grace of Christ Jesus I was able to survive through and live past depression.


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