Between the Flames and the Ice

On the wall I sit…One side forest of flames, the other a river of ice. Jump into the sun or dive into hell. Death waits with open arms for those who fall.

On the wall I stand…Sol’s flames to the left, Death’s icy breath to the right. Behold the sight before me, amongst the fog of deceit a path between distractions.

On the wall I walk…A fork in the path, a promise in sight: a light above and hell below. “Come, my child,” I hear. “The other way,” I doubt.

On the wall I was…With death behind, new life within. The flames and ice subdued. Eternity for all who follow the calling of Him who died and rose.

On the wall you sit…On the wall you stand…Walk now, hear the voice, leave the pain. Eternity awaits for those who seek His truth and obey.


2 thoughts on “Between the Flames and the Ice

  1. A beautiful piece of writing.. Hope is essential…

  2. Seb says:

    Thanks. Glad you like it. You are right, hope is important.

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