Quote #11

“Never blame Satan for your choices or their consequences.”


Living in the Age of Emotions

With everything going on in the world (the social/political changes of the past decades), I’ve decided to write my thoughts concerning it all. How I see and understand the chaos of our new world order is scary, but not original. Many people in Christian circles have voiced such concerns, but here is my conclusion:

We are living in an age of self-righteousness and emotional (un)security,an age where we are easily offended for our sake or self-perceived sake of others. Believe what you want to believe; behave how you want to behave. Tell everyone they have the freedom to believe what they want to believe and behave how they want to behave…as long as they believe exactly what you believe and behave exactly as you want them to behave.

The Protestant Reformation saw the freedom of belief being upheld against the dogmatic Church with its self-righteous clergy and self imposed rules.

The Age of Enlightenment saw the rise of science as a new freedom to observe the world in a different light against religious fundamentalism.

The Age of Emotional Rights is seeing a rise is questioning every set belief system: religious, scientific, political, and philosophical. Just as emotions are in constant flux so reality seems to be in flux. The claim of free speech is only permitted for those who hold to the belief that life is what you make it to be: you are the sum of your beliefs and actions.

Any form of dissension is met with hostility. Any form of challenge is met with protest and hate.

Why has our society gone to this extreme? Why are we allowing it, promoting such behaviour among those of the new generation?

Like in the days of the judges, “Everyone [does what is] right in his own eyes.” (Judges 21:25b). May God forgive us, for we do not know what we are doing!

Science Fiction

Studying the natural world of
Classical elements that be four.
Intelligence and ignorance,
Effects are results of causes.
Neglected by man or not,
Creation of the universe as order
Earth and all in it we interact with.

Fanciful stories we tell of
Imaginary folks and places,
Captivating your minds,
Thoughts and emotions.
In times of lax or activities,
Other realms of such tales
Now live with and around us.

Reformative Solas

The Scripture alone
Is the mightiest sword.

Our Faith alone
We make Him our Lord.

By Grace alone
He calls us His own.

In Christ alone
Salvation is now shown.

To God alone be all the glory,
All the honour and all the praise.

Inspired by the five solas of the Reformation: Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, Sola Gratia, Sola Christus and Sola Deo Gloria.

Concerning Seb’s Writing

I thought I’d writing to all my dear readers. As you have noticed it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything here on a regular or semi-regular basis. Before I go into the reasons I’d like to say one thing. Thank you all for following this blog and my other blogs. It’s always encouraging to the number of visits and to read your comments.

So, what’s the reason for the irregularity in my writing? First, my personal collection ran dry years ago. And second, it’s not always easy for new ideas for poems, short essays or other writings to surface. They definitely don’t come whenever I want to write something new. When ideas come, I post. A few take mere minutes to jot down while others take weeks or even months to prefect enough to post.

Anyway, one of my goals with Seb’s Writings is to publish a book of my stuff. Once that happens you will find out on this blog site and on the Facebook page.

What needs to be done next before publishing? There are actually several things that I require: some form of illustrations (e.g.: paintings, drawings or photos), proof-readers, and formatting. This year I’ll look into these and keep you all updated.

Happy Reading and Happy Writing,